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Re: RC: Grass on Tevis Trail-Not

In a message dated 6/28/01 4:08:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

. I am sure you can stay as long as you want at any of the checks but I am
guessing that they are trying to give you as much ride time as possible so
that you can finish in time. Have you done this ride? Will you be there
this year? Fill me in! I can't wait to go and watch!

There's the secret (IME).  All of the stops supply plenty of food for your
horse (and usually for you too).  Slowing down and taking advantage can make
all the difference.  Since ya asked <g>, Harca and I are going for his 7th
finish this year :))  See ya there!

Sylvia (4 for 5 Tevis Buckles)
Harca (6 for 7 Tevis Buckles -- he's awesome :)

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