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My horse would not load either.  (This is why I ended up buying him - he
wouldn't get into the trailer to go home!)  Which is a good thing because he
is working out great!

First we tried starvation - put the food only in trailer & wait.  Well, he
could outlast me - I couldn't stand it!  I broke first!  I saw visions of
colic...what have you.  Next, we tried a rope around his middle & tugging -
that resulted in a backwards flip.  Now at this time I was trying to send
him home.  I called Jackie & said come get him.  She said I can't, so we
worked out a price & I bought him!

Since he was now mine, I had a trainer come out a couple times/week & load
him.  He used a loop around his butt (this does not work on all horses).  He
had him loading so at least I could trailer to ride.

Next I had a trainer/friend work with Pat Parelli training.  That also

Between the combination of the two methods, he loads very quickly.  He loads
with no effort about 25% of the time, so we're working on that time
increasing.  One day he'll hop in all the time!

Make the trailer as safe as you can, have food in there for him, and keep in
mind that your driving really affects your horse back there.

Good luck,

Kathy & Taz
former rearer & nonloader

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