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International Air Lite Helmet

I am on my second Air Lite since last spring - the first I had used
about 20 -30 times and the harness became impossible to tighten (you are
supposed to tighten as you use it as with the new bike helmet harnesses
so it is snug around & under the base of the back of your head).  I took
it back to the store I purchased it from and they gladly replaced it
with another.  Now, I cannot slide the harness to tighten up the new one
- I believe sweat clogs up the "mechanism".  I intend to ask the tack
shop to contact International to ask how often I can wash the harness
(and helmet) and not compromise the security of the harness attachment
to the helmet.
If it can't be done often - it is not a good choice!
Cheers -

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