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Re: Loading (trailers, not carbs <grin>)

Lif wrote:

>I will say this:  There are trailers and there are trailers.  Some of them
I wouldn't ride in myself.<

Very good point.  I've also learned to listen to my horse.  Because I know
that he isn't a problem to load, if he becomes difficult, I start
questioning the safety of the trailer.  A little while ago, my neighbour's
horses (all of whom compete and trailer regularly) started to object when
asked to load.  They were cajoled on, and she even had a "horse whisperer"
out to see them.  Two weeks later, one of them slipped on the rubber matting
in the box (which was loose) and came down, cutting himself.

So much time spent on convincing horses to load....and nobody questioned the

Makes you think, doesn't it?


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