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Re: RC: Re: The Horse magazine/my rant

About THE HORSE mag.
I had subscribed to  EQUUS for many years, then after taking some ads
in THE HORSE - I get a comp copy.
Overall, for the most part, I find this publication to be better.
Sure there are errors and OLD data - written by editors that have no
real idea about the issue or subject.

They wrote about Equine HRM one time, made some really bad comments
and out of fact
statements, all wrong. I wrote them - of course - and they printed my
paper - quite long - along with an apology and admitted they used early
information and incorrect data for the report.

I read the article and agree with Angie .. so Angie  give them the
blast - they will print it.
And  to cap it off they asked ME if I wanted to submit articles about
EHRM use  conditioning and all that. I have not done it yet, but may
do so. THEY do PAY for articles they print..

The publications I read and get  most of my information from area:
The Horse
EQUINE Review  from KER
World Equine VET Review
Proceedings from AESM and AAEP Meetings
Equine Vet Journal
KER - Nutrition Papers and Publications

and Yes  - ENDURANCE NEWS   -depends on the author

and some online stuff as I find it.

Equus just does NOT measure up to these publications.


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