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Re: Thumps at the Track

Also a propensity to thump is genetic.
None of our endurance horses (even in the bad old days when we fed all
alfalfa) ever thumped.  Then we had two full brothers--marvelous endurance
horses except that both of them thumped when it was at all hot in a race.
I'm talking about horses in great condition, getting straight A's in the vet
check, not tired at all, and no signs of dehydration--and then thumping.
We finally figured out how to control it with very careful diet and
electrolyting, but we had to be ever vigilant.
Those articles make me mad, too.  There's SO much more to this thumping
business than they've figured out yet!

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> > I don't think of thumps as a stigma...just a valueable warning sign.
> Angie
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