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Re: RC: Grass on Tevis Trail-Not

In a message dated 6/27/01 8:25:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

To Jsalas: If you plan on riding the Tevis next year don't count on grass
along the trail to graze your horse. Some Riders do carry small amount of
tidbits such as carrots, pellets or grain etc. Bye Hope

I may have missed part of this discussion, but there are plenty of stops
along the Tevis trail to allow your horse to eat.  Granted not alot of
munchies just growing wild beside the trail, but ALL of the vet checks
provide plenty of hay/carrots/bran mashes along the way.  Someone mentioned
there only being 3.  That is incorrect.  I won't bother to count them up now,
but there are multiple places along the way where feed is supplied by the
ride.  It really is an incredibly well run and well organized ride.  The real
secret is to TAKE THE TIME along the way to let your horse eat!.  The Tevis
volunteers are absolutely the best and I'm sure hoping they have those PB&J
sandwiches for the riders at Franciscos this year <g>.


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