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Grass on Tevis Trail-Not

To Jsalas: If you plan on riding the Tevis next year don't count on grass 
along the trail to graze your horse. Some Riders do carry small amount of 
tidbits such as carrots, pellets or grain etc. Bye Hope

>From: "jsalas" <>
>To: "ridecamp" <>
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "jsalas" <>
>I am only doing
> > 50 now but plan on Tevis next year. Driving out this year to check out 
> > race. They only have 3 holds, the rest are fly-bys or just a P+R check
> > according to what I got off thier web page. I do think 25 miles or more
> > be a little to long to go without food. ----- Original Message -----

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