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Re: RC: un-loading from slant

In a message dated 6/27/01 7:38:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

My slant loads have had tack rooms in the back.  This means that the horse
goes in straight but must turn his but to the left to back out.  sometimes
they back in the wall and then go forward, back into the wall and on and
on.  I usually try to remember with a new horse to put the lead rope up on
his right side.  This way, when you want to unload, you can tug on the lead
rope and if it is on the right side of the horse, it will pull his head a
little to the right and you can sort of guide his rump to the left at the
same time.  Once they catch on, it is fine but the first time can be hard.  
Pat Bush and I once had her 16 hand gelding in my trailer and if Dick
Carter had not come along and helped us, the horse would probably still be
in it


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