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Helmet Recommendation

> -- Unless more than one person uses the helmet (not a nice thought 
during the summer <ick>, why would you need to adjust the straps once
you> have the> fitting set up?

Picture this...I get almost home from a training ride and my littlest
daughter...from about the time she was 6 runs down the driveway and meets
me a ways down the road begging, "Can I ride him up the hill?"  There's
really nowhere for him to go but to the barn so I put my helmet on her
and she happily rides big bad Kaboot the rest of the way home.  Going
from an adult to a little kid, even though it doesn't fit, it's nice to
be able to tighten it up. For any of you who try this with a Troxel, we
learned to just twist the strap round and round till it kinks up shorter,
then buckel it.

Now, for my present problems I agree, Josie shouldn't need to readjust
hers since she's the only one wearing it.  But if you ever ride with your
child you'll discover it's, "Mom, I can't get this STUPID thing right"
all the time.  I think she lets the straps shift a lot before she puts it
on, then it puts the buckle in a bad place and the gap for the ear takes
different shapes.  Personally, I think she looks really good in it and
the tilt gives her that Frank Sinatra rakish look. >g< Think I'll try
that Dakota you guys are talking about sometime though.  I like helmets. 
Spend so much time in them, might as well have the ones I like.


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