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Re: Helmet Recommendation

I have the Troxel Legacy.  It's plastic, very light (11oz or something),
and VERY cool--I can feel the wind on my head.  It has a pretty good
padding system, so you can fold down the pads in the sides or front and
back of the helmet (kind of combats the Troxel problem of being a little
oval, though if you have a very round head it will probably still be too
long front-to-back for you).  The harness is nylon, and pretty adjustable.
The only issue I've had is that the strap can itch a little right where it
goes under the side of the helmet, but that only happens when it's in the
wrong place and I can move it without taking the helmet off.  The Troxel
Sport is cheaper, and just a little heavier, though I don't think the
padding system is as nice, and the Legacy Gold is more expensive and the
only real difference I can see is that it has a matte finish and maybe a
nicer harness.  The Legacy was about $50.  I haven't fallen in it yet, so
I guess I haven't REALLY tested it out.  :)

Good luck,

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