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Reply to rearing

Ray O.
   The endurance folks are better horsepeople than me,but since rearing is
potentially so dangerous,I want to make a few observations.I think putting
the go forward cue to a high-rearing horse may bring him higher and
higher,just as the spur will send a backing horse faster backwards.When
Chico rears on me,I YIELD,and we try again with some different approach
after his feet are back on the ground.Is this conditioning him to rear?
Maybe,but you are SCREWED,potentially with a crushed spinal cord, once
they are up pawing at the sky and turning.All I do up there is lean
forward , get out of the stirrups,and talk softly to him.There is said to
be a technique where you take your feet out of the stirrups and drag him
down in a heap with one rein,whilst neatly sliding off and stepping
aside,avoiding all flailing legs and hoofs,and quickly sitting on his head
to punish him.Hah! Maybe some Olympic gymnast,but not me.I am not getting
in a fight with a Vertical Horse.I hope some of you have more to offer
than this,but I think there's a lot to be said for knowing yer
limitations.Smack 'em between the ears when they come up?

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