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In a message dated 6/25/01 8:53:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Elaine Patterson
Hey Sandy, give it a rest.  If you love Karyne and Boyd so well than let
this subject drop.

I hope you sent this to everyone who either commented on this or was
actually there. I have been off the
list for more than a day, and feel a
lit-tle sat upon by you since there were about 40 posts on this subject when
I logged back on today. That is unfair. Perhaps it is only because you don't
understand caring for someone and still not approving a situation. That is
life. Sorry if I am a little grouchy - two of my best friends just left to
live in another state and so today your post comes across as
p.s. only put this on the list because the first was on it - private would be

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