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Any distance,LD, Australian System (Safe at any speed?)

Someone (I think, Marlene) said something several days ago that
has stuck in my brain, and I keep returning to it and pondering.
That is:  having an award for an OPTIMUM TIME to be given at
all of the rides - of any distance.

The criteria could be set by the RM, Vets, and repeat riders for
any given ride, and could be set at the pre-ride meeting.

This could accomplish a number of things:

Not another rule <g>.

Would encourage attendance at pre-ride meetings (I've noticed
that some of the folks who get into/cause trouble blow off
these sessions).

Would really highlight what the collective wisdom deems to be
a "safe" pace for the prevailing conditions.

Would highlight "conditioning/and the fit horse/rider" by
incorporating the knowledge that the committee has, and making
it explicit at the ride.  For instance, I have gleaned/been
told that I should be riding the number of miles per week in
my condiitoning that I expect to do at a ride.  The committee
could say something like...if you riders have been condiitoning
this much, then this OPTIMUM time should work great.  If you
are under this level, go slower.   Those who want to go faster
than OPTIMUM, would still get a reminder of what the collective
wisdom thinks about a given ride...might give some folks a
pause to think about it.

Make the award a reeeeely nice one.

Just thinking out loud,

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