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Re: optimum time system

> Betty
> Someone (I think, Marlene) said something several days ago that
> has stuck in my brain, and I keep returning to it and pondering.
> That is:  having an award for an OPTIMUM TIME to be given at
> all of the rides - of any distance.

I like the idea alot.  The hard thing is having different sets of optimum
time, right?  The rider who is new to endurance is going to have a totally
different optimum time than the rider on a horse that has done lots of LD's.

So here's an idea.  There's a local triathalon here (horses, bikers, hikers)
where competitors set their expected completion time in advance, and whoever
is closest to their pre-set time wins.  What about using that type of system
to allow competitors to weight their abilities against everyone else?  The
advantage is that you are always tempted to set a low completion time,
because you can always slow down and take it easy, and it means even the
turtle who does the best job of hitting their time can win with careful
pacing.  It's how the organization that puts on the triathalon keeps the
pace relatively slow and safe.



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