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Re: RC: You just can't legislate everything . . . !

I too would love to keep the rules simple.  The problem is that that
ONE stupid person may spoil it for all of us.  This is why the
article was written.  There are many people out there that would love
the excuse to shut us down.  This is what we are being asked to think

If we wait until horses are critically injured or ill to "not" reward
their riders, we have already drawn too much attention to our sport
from the outside world.  

Jennifer... just trying to keep the thoughts going in the manner they
were directed.  Honestly, the system as is works great for me, but
horse is a family member first, and an endurance horse second (oh,
and a golden retriever in another life).

> Yours too, huh?  <g>  And this is so true.  People have a
> fundamental right to be stupid, and the best approach to it is to
> simply make sure that stupidity is not rewarded.  

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