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Re: Start of week 3, 2001 XP

At 05:22 PM 6/23/2001 -0600, Annie George wrote:
>Can somebody please tell us who is riding all days? and if any horses have 
>gone all days? And where the heck is Dave?    Tell  Nicolson to E/ mail 
>me!! Annie G.
>Anne George Saddlery  <>

Hi!  Here are the names that I have so far, but we're not completely sure:

Kayla Ramsdell (junior)
MJ Jackson
Terry Wooley (we think but aren't positive)
Phyllis Bartholomew

That's all we know.  Some others had made it up until the last couple of 
days :+/

Happy XP Trails,

karen Scottsbluff, Nebraska

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