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Re: Barefoot (Horsneakers)

Abby Aiyagari
Horsneakers are just what they sound like, running shoes for horses. :)
No rivets like easyboots, the sole is rubber and the upper is neoprene on
the inside and cordura on the outside.  You can buy "off-the-rack" sizes
by measuring your horse's hooves, or they will send you a kit to make
impressions of your horse's feet to get custom fitting.  They're about
twice the price of Old Mac's.  The Old Mac's are nice as well, a couple of
people I board with use them on their horses, but since there is no custom
fitting they are more likely to rub.  They are pretty well-made, though
like the other poster commented there is this weird point under the toe
area that seems like it would interfere with breakover (I know that some
people rasp it off with a hoof rasp).  I think if your horse has the right
size/shape of foot, you can get a great fit with Old Mac's.  They have a
hard rubber bottom and a cordura upper with a rolled top edge, then there
is a strap that goes around the hoof and velcroes closed in the back and a
larger flap of velcro to hold the upper closed over the strap (if you can
picture that).  The advantages of the Horsneakers are the custom fit, the
fact that they can be resoled, and the better breakover.

Check out, there are links to a bunch of different
hoof boots on that site--though the consensus as far as I can tell is that
Horsneakers are the best with Old Mac's a strong second.  Old Mac's are
now sold through Libertyville Saddle Shop, so they're easier to get in the
US (they're from Australia).

Good luck, and I hope this helped!


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