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Ez boots

Hi Barb
I have been emailing Jill tonight to help her fit her boots.
The size 2 are a little long for her horse so she is measuring again to see if a Size 1 will fit. If her horse has a 5" foot the size one could be to tight. 5" is the outside measure of a size one.A 5" foot just won't go into the boot. Size 2 fits width not length. Her horse has a low heel. I asked her to send a pic of the foot without the boot. She cut the back strap down so it is not rubbing the heel bulb.
Sometimes I wish EZ care would make 1/2 sizes or a size 2 with the shorter boot length. My mare has a clubby foot that fits size 2 width but is a little longer on her heel then I like.I cannot get a size one on her foot. It is just to tight. The size 2 stays on so it seems to work. My other horses boots fit like they were made for them. Size 2 on the front size 1 on the back.
The biggest gap in size is the size 2 to the size 3. A huge size difference. Real problems in fitting the horses whose feet are just a bit to big for the size 2.
I'll let you know how we make out
Paddi Sprecher
Canadian Trail House
manufacturer and retailer of fine biothane tack
Devon  Alberta

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