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Re: Myler Bits

Hi Linda -

I was unaware that Myler made a tom thumb, I was under the impression that
Dale himself does not like them. As for their Pelham, I have only seen this
with a snaffle mouth, did you special order these bits?

Mylers are marked "Myler" on one side, and also marked "Toklat" on the
other, unless custom made, where it would only be "Myler" or "MB". Check
yours out. There are knockoffs out there,  I have seen some on Ebay (but I
haven't been there in a while).

As per fit, the curve of the mouth can throw some people off at first, as it
does look big. Measure this one by taking that curve into consideration.
Standard 1/4" or so overhang to apply. There will be a slight showing before
the cheeks. My girls both wear 5" (I have measured their mouths with a "bit
stick") and the Mylers do fit, and don't look too large. Bobby had to have a
special order 4 3/4".

I don't put anything in their mouths at all while on trail ('cept  maybe a
carrot or granola bar). But, over time, I could see we could use some fine
tuning,  and I want to show, so we needed bits. I had gotten away from them
in the past, because of fit and comfort issues. So when I first saw these
Mylers, I decided to try one out. What drew me to them was the curved mouth
first and foremost, the other features are just icing on the cake.

These aren't "miracle bits" that are going to instantly transform your horse
into a more responsive or placid mount overnite. Bits don't train horses,
people do.  It may take a few days or so. Put your horse in a ring and ride
there for a few days, so your horse doesn't automatically think it has to go
go go. Work slow. Your horse may just need that long to learn that he/she
can relax now.

The whole premise behind Myler is to be comfortable for your horse to wear,
once he/she realizes they can be comfortable, swallow, and find release from
tongue pressure, they will lighten up and relax. Trust me, it's no gimmick,
just a really great idea. It works.

My Kit was not good in a snaffle (she had "Bull Mama" mode) and Dani came to
me having worn a tom thumb, or a shanked chain gag with bike chain nose
(yes, they really make these things) and a tiedown (gee, wonder why she
needed that?). She was free because nobody could ride her (imagine
that).Time, slow work in the ring Before going out into the wide open
yonder, and good well made basic equipment is what saved both these mares
and gave me two real good riding horses. The Mylers are a part of that. I am
thinking that maybe you didn't take enough time with them at first. And if
they are knockoffs, well....

Hope this helps -

Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

-----Original Message-----

Linda wrote -

I've got two of them:  the Tom Thumb curb and the high port
>Pelham.  I bought them just to see if they made any difference
>in my horse's responsiveness when he's in one of his
>freight train (I Want To GO!!!) moods, and to see how they
>worked on my old mare.
>My one observation is:  these things "run large" in size!
>My gelding is a solid 5" mouth--all our other bits are
>5".  The 5" Pelham absolutely *hung* in his mouth.  No
>matter how tight or loose I made the lip strap he would chew
>and chew on the shanks.  It made no noticeable difference
>in his responsiveness in any mood.
>My old mare has a very fine 4 3/4" muzzle.  The 5" Tom Thumb
>(which seems to be the only size anybody stocks) curb draped
>in her mouth with a good 1/2" sticking out on either side.
>I used it once and won't use it again.
>Next used tack sale, both are going to be on my table for the
>next guy to come along whose curiosity gets the better of them.
>Linda B. Merims
>Massachusetts, USA
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