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Myler Bits

I've got two of them:  the Tom Thumb curb and the high port
Pelham.  I bought them just to see if they made any difference
in my horse's responsiveness when he's in one of his
freight train (I Want To GO!!!) moods, and to see how they
worked on my old mare.

My one observation is:  these things "run large" in size!

My gelding is a solid 5" mouth--all our other bits are
5".  The 5" Pelham absolutely *hung* in his mouth.  No
matter how tight or loose I made the lip strap he would chew
and chew on the shanks.  It made no noticeable difference
in his responsiveness in any mood.

My old mare has a very fine 4 3/4" muzzle.  The 5" Tom Thumb
(which seems to be the only size anybody stocks) curb draped
in her mouth with a good 1/2" sticking out on either side.
I used it once and won't use it again.

Next used tack sale, both are going to be on my table for the
next guy to come along whose curiosity gets the better of them.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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