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Re: Myler Bits

Cheryl wrote:
> Hi Linda -
> I was unaware that Myler made a tom thumb, I was under the impression that
> Dale himself does not like them. As for their Pelham, I have only seen this
> with a snaffle mouth, did you special order these bits?

Sigh...are we going to debate bit terminology *again*?!  Trust me,
it's a jointed mouth ported Pelham.  Dale may not like "Tom Thumbs"
but he sells a jointed mouth long-shanked curb, whatever he calls

> Mylers are marked "Myler" on one side, and also marked "Toklat" on the
> other, unless custom made, where it would only be "Myler" or "MB". Check
> yours out. There are knockoffs out there,  I have seen some on Ebay (but I
> haven't been there in a while).

Trust me, they're the real thing.

> As per fit, the curve of the mouth can throw some people off at first, as it
> does look big. Measure this one by taking that curve into consideration.
> Standard 1/4" or so overhang to apply. There will be a slight showing before
> the cheeks. My girls both wear 5" (I have measured their mouths with a "bit
> stick") and the Mylers do fit, and don't look too large. Bobby had to have a
> special order 4 3/4".

If my horse is chomping on the shank, it's too big.  If it's
draped in my horse's mouth with the two shanks pointing toward
each other, it's too big.

> These aren't "miracle bits" that are going to instantly transform your horse
> into a more responsive or placid mount overnite. Bits don't train horses,
> people do.  It may take a few days or so. Put your horse in a ring and ride
> there for a few days, so your horse doesn't automatically think it has to go
> go go. Work slow. Your horse may just need that long to learn that he/she
> can relax now.

So nice of you to let me in on these secrets of horsemanship.
Who would have thought?  What I found is that my horse went
no better in his Myler than he went in his run-of-the-mill,
been-around-since-forever Mullen-mouth Pelham.  And he didn't
chew on the shank of his Mullen-mouth Pelham.

> The whole premise behind Myler is to be comfortable for your horse to wear,
> once he/she realizes they can be comfortable, swallow, and find release from
> tongue pressure, they will lighten up and relax. Trust me, it's no gimmick,
> just a really great idea. It works.

Actually, I have found the perfect solution.  It's called a hackamore.

> Hope this helps -

Doesn't really.  I have already found my own solutions, and
Myler just doesn't figure into them.

But they are nice and shiny.  And the three-piece joint mechanism
would do a Japanese engineer proud.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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