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Re: Re: Myler Bits

Hi Linda -

I was only trying to help. The bit thread is to get us all diverted to a
lighter subject. With the dead horse, the rage riders, and the Ti thing, it
seemed maybe, just maybe, we could intersperse the seriousness of these
subjects with a bit (clever,eh?) of tack talk.

>Cheryl wrote previously -
>> Hi Linda -
>> I was unaware that Myler made a tom thumb, I was under the impression
>> Dale himself does not like them. As for their Pelham, I have only seen
>> with a snaffle mouth, did you special order these bits?

>Sigh...are we going to debate bit terminology *again*?!  Trust me,
>it's a jointed mouth ported Pelham.  Dale may not like "Tom Thumbs"
>but he sells a jointed mouth long-shanked curb, whatever he calls

Cheryl -
Sigh, myself... I don't remember debating bit terminology in the past. I'll
have to check. You can trust me on that.

>Cheryl - previously
>> Mylers are marked "Myler" on one side, and also marked "Toklat" on the
>> other, unless custom made, where it would only be "Myler" or "MB". Check
>> yours out. There are knockoffs out there,  I have seen some on Ebay (but
>> haven't been there in a while).

>Trust me, they're the real thing.

Cheryl - presently
Trust me... I'm only trying to help. But since I must have debated this
subject before, I can understand if you're frustrated with my memory lapse.
Since my wreck last week, I'm frustrated too.

>Cheryl - previously
>> As per fit, the curve of the mouth can throw some people off at first, as
>> does look big. Measure this one by taking that curve into consideration.
>> Standard 1/4" or so overhang to apply. There will be a slight showing
>> the cheeks. My girls both wear 5" (I have measured their mouths with a
>> stick") and the Mylers do fit, and don't look too large. Bobby had to
have a
>> special order 4 3/4".

>If my horse is chomping on the shank, it's too big.  If it's
>draped in my horse's mouth with the two shanks pointing toward
>each other, it's too big.

Cheryl - presently
Yeah, I'd agree there. But I haven't seen my kids doing any of that, not for
the last couple years, anyway. Kinda coincides with buying the new bit.
Refer to above comment "only trying to help". BTW, come to think of it, I
don't think any of them has ever chewed a shank, no matter who made the bit.
But, until I got the bit size thing figured out, I too was frustrated.

>Cheryl - previously
>> These aren't "miracle bits" that are going to instantly transform your
>> into a more responsive or placid mount overnite. Bits don't train horses,
>> people do.  It may take a few days or so. Put your horse in a ring and
>> there for a few days, so your horse doesn't automatically think it has to
>> go go. Work slow. Your horse may just need that long to learn that he/she
>> can relax now.

>So nice of you to let me in on these secrets of horsemanship.
>Who would have thought?  What I found is that my horse went
>no better in his Myler than he went in his run-of-the-mill,
>been-around-since-forever Mullen-mouth Pelham.  And he didn't
>chew on the shank of his Mullen-mouth Pelham.

Thank you. But , hey, they're not too secretive. Hell, if I know that in my
isolated little corner, I'm sure it's just common knowledge, if not common
sense. The "bits don't train horses, people do" is just a take off on the
old gun saying, but then again, there's the common sense thing. I just
thought the saying was both humorous and thoughtful. But you're right, who
would have thought...Oh, please refer to above comment "only trying to
help". I gave enough time to see for myself, and let the kids figure for
themselves if they liked them and if I was or was not wasting my $. I saw
and felt changes for the positive.

>Cheryl - previously
>> The whole premise behind Myler is to be comfortable for your horse to
>> once he/she realizes they can be comfortable, swallow, and find release
>> tongue pressure, they will lighten up and relax. Trust me, it's no
>> just a really great idea. It works.

>Actually, I have found the perfect solution.  It's called a hackamore.

Cheryl - presently
Hey - so is mine- Who would have thought? But, alas, it's only perfect for
Kit. Too strong for Bobby and Dani, who use rope halter and sidepull. BTW,
betcha can't guess who made the hack! But, I wanted fine tuning, and to be
able to show the show crowd what my "lowly" trail horses could do, and try
to make good impressions on these show folk who look down on us "horse
killers", and we can't use these halters and hacks in the class. Hence, the
bit thing. Did I mention the above comment "only trying to help"?

>Cheryl - previously
>> Hope this helps -

>Doesn't really.  I have already found my own solutions, and
>Myler just doesn't figure into them.

Cheryl - presently
Ah heck, It sure helped me :>). I was only trying to help (where have I
heard that before?).
Myler is part of the solutions I have found.

>But they are nice and shiny.  And the three-piece joint mechanism
>would do a Japanese engineer proud.

Cheryl - presently
Actually, the Toklat Mylers are made in China. The Myler customs are made
here, somewhere... But you're right, it probably would make a Japanese
engineer proud. But I'm more interested in it's making lots of horses
comfortable. All my bits are shiny, too, including the old Korsteels and
Happy Mouths I haven't used in years (and they are nice bits, too). Baking
soda and water, works grrrrreat.

>Linda B. Merims
>Massachusetts, USA

Cheryl in WNY
Myler well fitted, quiet mouthed Horse Kids Kit, Bobby & Dani, but only when
they wear a bit, otherwise - Da Da-
Rope haltered, hackamored and sidepulled Horse Kids, and still respectful,
controllable, and fun to ride on the trail (mostly)  but maybe someday show
in the ring Kit, Bobby & Dani. Whew, gotta take a breath after that one.

Postscript - I was only trying to help. Oh, and raise some interesting & enj
oyable conversation.
I'll try something different. Hmmmmm - let's see. OH< I KNOW I KNOW - which
is better LD or Endurance? Nah, that's not a good one, they're the same

              Disclaimer : No actual bits were harmed in the writing of this

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