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Fw: Deno

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From: Cora
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 7:16 PM
Subject: Deno

Need some help here people...Deno got a "mild case of colic this afternoon...he's never colicked before. Was fine at last check 1pm.  horseshoer was here,did Chihouli(all 4 no problems  first set of 4 was a very good boy..euphoria now gone) gave them some cookies  decided Deno could wait 2 more weeks,  Next check 4 pm..time for beet pulp..was pawing refusing food...ok...took him out did heart rate only slightly elevated(40)..temp  normal...gut sounds NIL !!! we go next door(Carol has grass the real stuff  HIS FAVORITE he refuses to eat just lies I know I got here in 1 1/2 hours(speedy he is not) mean while we are walking and encouraging him to eat to no avail..still no gut sounds...Wait..we pass some fecal matter..hmmm..after about 30 min. we pass some more...beginning to have diminished gut vet arrives...takes all the vitals(wow) does a rectal..doesn't feel anything abnormal..guts slightly polyps...tubes him for mineral oil(1gal) banamine and rompum(doesn't want to get hurt)...Deno shifts a few times. and we walk out for about 10 minutes..then he decides he can eat some grass. Now I have to wait thru the nite to see if all is ok....What I need here is any possibility of any thing else.  SUSAN>>SARAH  anyone...feed has not been changed at all forever bermuda grass hay and beet all they get,,CA is a treat they get when working...which has been nil the last month...they are in an acre(1) pasture. get fair amounts of exercise...without being ridden...Deno is 17...also almost forgot..when being tubed he had some reflux...this is not normal or good...but my vet had no info to impart or didn't there something I am missing here??? Would appreciate any info out there please....Cora

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