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Re: RC: liniment skin rub recipe

Hello ,

Monday, June 25, 2001, 9:38:41 PM, you wrote:

gen> Karol McElfresh
gen> Several years ago I had found a recipe for a skin rub/liniment that worked
gen> very well, but can't find that recipe now. I know it had Aloe Vera oil,
gen> alcohol and I think Listerine or some type of mouth wash. If this should
gen> sound familiar to anyone on Ridecamp, I would certainly appreciate an
In Equal parts:
I use pints  in a gal jug
ALOE GEL  better then juice but can use that
GREEN Alcohol  Methysylicate sp (wintergreen) counterirritant
WITCH HAZEL - astringent
BROWN MOUTH WASH  - cheap stuff .. full of good oils read label  must
be the BROWN

Use as leg soak wash - under wraps , wash body  etc .. been using this
for 15 years.. best low cost leg brace I have used.


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