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On-line reporting of Multiday rides

At the Ft. Schellbourne multiday - one of the riders asked if there could be more 
information made available for multidays.

Specifically - could we put up an on-line result that showed the riders who finished
all the days on the same horse, their points, and total elapsed times.

Russ and I put something together that now appears at

It's not quite done yet - the starters should be the max number of starters on
any day of the ride but the rest should be correct.

You find it in the listings with the distance as Pioneer. All the other rides
have distances like 50, 100 etc.  The finishers for all the days of the 
multiday will show up as pioneer for the distance.

We cannot go back past Dec. of 1995 to the archive database but should have 
the pioneer riders since then.

After riding just 3 days of a five day - I see the care that goes into getting
a horse thru a 5 day ride.

Please let us know what you think of the format and whether you are interested in 
seeing something like this also appear in the regular Endurance News.

Mike and Russ

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