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Re: RC: Ride Calendar

Yes, we agree with Annie.
We don't always just ride in our own region, and we want to see what is on a 
particular date, without having to look through each region.
Monte & Nancy Mitts

>From: "Annie George" <>
>To: "A-AERC" <>
>CC: "RideCamp" <>
>Subject: RC:  Ride Calendar
>Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:26:51 -0600
>Hi AERC office, I dont mean to nit-pick because you girls do a really great 
>job. BUT..( aint there always a but)  I really hate the new format of the 
>ride calendar in the newest E.N.  Having all the regions and dates mixed up 
>that way is confusing and hard to keep straight.  I was much better the old 
>way.  I really wish you would do it the way it was. PLEeease ! Does anyone 
>else hate it?   Annie G.
>Anne George Saddlery

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