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Hi -

You might check out Old Macs, too.  I just got a pair of them, they are
*soooo* easy to put on, don't damage the hoof, and don't fall off.  I
worried about chafing, so I've only been riding 7-10 miles in them at
first - treating them like new hiking shoes & giving my horse break-in time.
Not sure how they will work in sand, but they are working good in muddy
creeks, rocks, brush, trotting on singletrack, and on hills.  Have not done
any fast flatwork in them, so I can't say how they'll work for that.  Cost
is $137 for a pair of them.

They have a bump at the toe area that makes it look like breakover would be
slow, however, the tread underneath is set further back so breakover is not
like the pictures make them look.

I will be using them for a 2 day CTR in mid July barring any fitting
problems.  Someone on RC (was it Kat?) said she was using them for the XP,
that will be a REAL test.


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