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Re: RC: RE: responsibility is the owner's,not the vets

I don't know where you guys do CTR, but ECTRA doesn't do anything like 
you've said here.  It is a great training ground for endurance, which I plan 
to move up to when my horse is ready.  When I did my first CTR, I did ride 
with an experience rider, which helped me with things like P & R, but we 
were at a similar riding level and horses of similar capabilities.  There 
was nothing about groomed out horses and the likes.

Carolyn Burgess

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From: Marlene Moss <>
Subject: RC:  RE: responsibility is the owner's,not the vets
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:34:19 -0600

<<I really think LD should be changed and copy CTR or NATRC guidelines
without all the fussing about judging obstacles, tying to trailers etc.
That is why many people go to LD first and not CTR's...they don't want to be
judged on how shiny their horse's mane is or if they have a hard time
mounting from the ground!  >>

Haha, at my last CTR, we learned that it was important to spray glitter on
the horse and rider.  Much safer that way I'm sure!

I would definitely welcome LD rides to have some of the control factors of
CTR, w/o the judging stuff.  Someone mentioned a ride where a prize was
given to the rider who came in closest to an unknown "optimal time".  I
thought that sounded cool.  Probably wouldn't like that to be the biggest
prize, but definitely could be one important enough to get some attention!

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