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responsibility is the owner's,not the vets

May I ask exactly how much leeway ride vets have in pulling or controlling
horses/riders that they feel are being overridden, even if the normal vet
parameters are being met?  Are their hands tied if the horse's HR is
recovering within criteria?  I'm not just referring to this particular
situation, but in general.

Can a ride vet legally pull a horse's saddle and bridle to force the rider
to handwalk if he/she feels that is in the best interest of the horse?  I've
seen it happen, but don't know if it was okay by AERC standards.

It seems to me that restricting vets to *only* pulling horses that fall
outside present criteria is a faulty concept when our present criteria may
very well not provide an adequate picture of the horse's status.

Opinions?  Bob, what are the rules on this (or Duane, if you're lurking and
want to email me privately)?

Susan G

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