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Re: RC: Re:Barefoot

Hi Abby,

Do the Horsneakers cut into the hoof with those hook things at all?  I hate
that.  I think EZ boots (which I've never tried but looked at once) have

Are the Horsneakers easy to get on and off?  I'll have to check them out.

Jennifer wrote:

> Abby Aiyagari
> Have you considered Horsneakers?  They are a hoof boot designed especially
> for riding (not like easy boots or Davis boots).  They are custom fitted
> to each horse, so they don't rub or chafe.  I frequent the
> naturalhorsetrim group on Yahoo, and there are a few endurance riders on
> there who say they have had good luck with the Horsneakers on long rides,
> in mud and sand, etc.  They're expensive, but they last longer than shoes
> and can be resoled.  I think that in the long run they would be much
> cheaper than getting a new set of nail-on shoes every 6 weeks, and
> ultimately better for the horse because they allow the hoof to expand and
> contract.
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> Good luck!
> --Abby
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