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Re: too much land, no horses aloud

I do know that for Los Angeles City (the strictest county sub-division in
the world) if you were originally zoned for Horse Keeping or Agriculture
when you bought the property, Building and Safety and or/ City planning can
not rezone your property at a later date. It is just the same as someone
buying a home that is in a Residential zoning, City Planning could not just
come at a later date, and change your property zoning into Commercial
zoning. Was your property originally zoned for Horse Keeping or Agricultural
when you bought it?

In order to change a property's zoning from lets say Residential or multi
Residential to Agricultural you would need to go to City Planning and apply
for a variance (some areas it's called a Conditional Use Permit CUP). This
process is a very expensive over here in LA city/county. It is approx.
$5,000 to just to apply for the variance, and have them look at your case.
I've heard that Conditional Use Permits can be significantley higher in
cost. It just depends where you live. You also  need to prove that Horse
Keeping would fit in  your area and not affect the neighbors. You very
likely will have to obtain several signatures in the area. There are other
costs other than the CUP or Varience itself,  such as the Environmental
Impact Report, possibly hiring an attorney, and whatever else City Planning
in your area is going to require. Of course you can spend all this money and
time and  there are still NO GUARENTEES that it will go threw. The process
can take anywhere from 8 months to several years.
Good Luck,
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> patti recor
> Has anybody ever fought their city to alow horse property? My city went
city less than 10 years ago, I have 2 acres and they sent me a notice to
remove my horses and they are not willing to grant me a varience, mabey even
pay for a permit. Does any one know how to start a petition? Even the City
councel mambers don't like this ordance but it seems no one will-can do
anything.I am not in a area that would bother my neighbors, they all have
horses too. They were grandfathered in. Our city is claiming to support the
rural atmosphere as long as there ae no horses, cows, pigs, goats and so on.
If you know how to direct me please feel free to do so, if you don't know
about this subject but want to learn, please feel free to do so. Patti
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