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truck news

Last night the news report was out on crash results for full size trucks. The Ford F150 stunk. The Dodge Ram stunk. The Chevy Silverado did ok and the best one was the Toyota Tundra. Now I don't know how the Dodge 1 ton, dually 4X4 did which is what I drive but I'm guessing it is just heavier, not necessarily safer. Can some one please explain to me how the American car makers can charge $45,000 for a truck that isn't safe?? Sure the engine runs strong, it is a Cummings. Why can't they make a vehicle that is worth a crap body wise?? Why doesn't Toyota make a 1 ton, dually, 4X4?? I not only haul my horses with this truck but usually my kids as well. I expect to be protected!  The last time I sat down at the dealer for warranty repair (which will be the last time period) 6 out of 8 people waiting for work to be done said either they were selling their American made cars and getting a Toyota, or sorry they bought an American made car and not sticking with Toyota. What does that tell ya?? Lisa Salas, The Odd FARm

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