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Re: RC: RC: too much land, no horses allowed

  We did the petition thing and it did get a little interest stirred up by the city, but not enough.  I would also go to the press. Not a letter to the editor, but call your local small paper, tell them about yourself, and see if they'll run a story.  I was fighting for trails and road signs in this city. One of my city council men hinted to me that that would help.  I talked to the local papers about how I was doing (attempting) Tevis. Do you know they thought that was so freaky that they ran a story in both papers. It was basically, "This old broad (40ish) is riding a HORSE!! in the mountains and trying to go 100 MILES! and she has ridden a bit of distance before!! and she say's the trails here in the city are DANGEROUS!!! and that the city won't help other old people like herself to have safe trails, and the city won't put up the signs that they have in a box gathering dust!!!"    Coulda been in the National Enquirerer along with" freak woman has Satans babies, and they have 6 heads."  Never the less, the signs and stuff was done in less than a month after that story came out, one city official called me and whined about the evil press, and one came over and sucked up and had a beer with my spouse.   Beth 

>Subject: RC: RC: too much land, no horses allowed
>Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 01:10:20 EDT
>Call and talk to the local City Planning department. Ask all the questions
>politely then if they say there is no other option than getting rid of your
>horses, ask what the appeals process is. If the person you first talk to
>isn't very helpful, call back and ask for the Planning director (or whatever
>the main person's position is) Again, be polite, and don't lose your temper.
> If you think you will, have someone else call, and coach them from the
>sidelines with the questions you want answered. There is almost always a
>waiver or variance process for local regulations. Ask for a copy of the
>pertinent regulations. Then you can start getting information from
>neighbors, like how long have they lived there, have they had or do they
>still have horses (how long). Would they be willing to sign some sort of
>petition on your behalf or take some other action? That kind of stuff. You
>can fight City Hall, but only if you gather all the pertinent information and
>keep your temper when dealing with other people. I work for a local health
>department and talk to people who have land use questions or problems all the
>time. If you can remain civil, people at all levels are more likely to WANT
>to help you. good luck jeri
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