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Re: RC: FW: Almost to St. Joe! (from Karen)

In a message dated 6/3/01 10:08:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> We have lots to
>  > do to keep
>  > entertained though -- I have a book on gravesites so we can look those up
>  > as we ride by, along with all the Pony Express stations.  There are a lot
>  > of historical landmarks along the way and other things to look at and see
>  > too.  We're going to be so busy just taking care of things, it's going to
>  > be a blast!  We are all so lucky to be on this great adventure!!
>  >

This ride sounds so damn exciting and so unique.  Everytime I try and explain 
the world of endurance, to a non endurance person, I mention the Pony 
Express, and they seem to understand.  Granted, we don't run from Injuns, 
hiding in the hills and mountains, waiting for us to pass by, anymore, but 
the idea's still the same.

Thru snow, sleet, and rain, nothing will deter the completion of our 
appointed rounds.

Good luck to you Karen, and please keep posting from your laptop.  It's 
almost as much fun reading about it here in my AC computer room, avoiding the 
hot Florida summer outside, as being there.  Almost.

Howard (what a cool way to rack up some AERC miles)

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