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Re: Scratches

After listening to all the "stuff" about scratches, Have to consider myself
extremely "lucky"...have never had them and don't want them. Also have 2
greys with white feet, which are now in 6+" of mud !!! ...Cora
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> << Personally I think there's more than one type. >>
> Sheesh, sounds like we really need more research from the veterinary
> my vet does say it's a "mixed infection".  I have three horses in TOTALLY
> different circumstances, all of whom battle scratches.  My endurance
> has gotten them twice, both times after some break in the skin.   My 17
> old broodmare (on 9 acres of pasture) has had a very stubborn case this
> winter.   My 18 month old colt (one acre turn out, stalled in terrible
> weather) has them now.   These horses are not physically together, but all
> have other horses (uninfected) hanging out with them.
> I've talked to the vets, read the magic recipes on the net, asked around.
> I've tried washing twice daily with Betadine, with Hibiclens, with diluted
> bleach.   I've tried clipping and not clipping.   I've used Eqyiss (sp)
> shampoo and spray.  I've used Desitin, Furacin, anti-inflammatories,
> anti-bacterials and several antifungals (clotrimazole, griesafulvin,
> etc.).   For the record, I've not tried Teddy's recipe, though I'm game to
> so.   Bottom line in my experience has been that almost all treatment
> them back.  But when whatever-it-is-that-causes-'em is active, they come
> or flare up at the drop of a hat.    Then after a bit they go away and
> a non-problem for a while.
> When they're bad, you can't ignore 'em - the whole lower leg will swell
> get hot, with crusty oozing sores in the fetlock.   But slopping your
> of soapy water out into the muddy pasture, washing and drying and
> legs daily gets real old.  Very frustrating.   Love to hear from anyone
> has any new magic to try  :-)
> pat
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