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Re: Scratches & Late EN

Thanks,  Cindy.    I  still haven't gotten my  Jan. EN.  I'll have to
call AERC again. (About every other month, mine  somehow doesn't get
here, and I have to call AERC to have them send it out.  Maybe being
alphabetically at the end  of the list has something to do with why my
EN's are tardy, I don't know.  This is the first year I've had this
problem with it  (EN) not getting to me. Anyway, I'm glad they've
reprinted the article.

"Good Horses Make Short Miles"@

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Heads up!!  It's reprinted in this month's EN.


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Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 3:29 AM
Subject: RC: Scratches

> A few yrs. ago, one of the distance-riding mags. had this article re:
> "Scratches":
> Has anyone tried this?  If so, what were the results?
> "Remedy for Scratches",  by Heather Smith-Thomas
> "Scratches is a skin problem on the lower legs of horses caused by a
> fungus.  The area becomes crusty, scabby and thickened.  In severe
> cases, the affected skin may ooze or the the lower leg may swell (and
> the horse may become lame). 
> It usually affects unpigmented skin (white legs) more readily than dark
> skinned legs."
> "Traditional treatments for scratches were astringents like methylene
> blue, iodine, and glycerine mixes, or ointments made with zinc oxide,
> nitrofurazone and steroids."
> "A newer, better treatment was recommended to me last year by my
> veterinarian sister (Dr. Heidi Smith) when one of my mares needed
> treatment for scratches.  The area should first be scrubbed thoroughly
> to remove all dirt, then apply a mixture of one part nitrofurazone
> ointment (an antibiotic ointment), one part cattle dewormer paste
> containing thiabendazole ( a drug that is a fungicide as well as a good
> dewormer) and one part DMSO." 
> "The DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) helps reduce swelling and inflammation
> and also helps the fungicide penetrate the area thoroughly and deeply,
> taking the medication internally into the underlying tissues.  The
> nitrofurazone combats any bacterial infection and helps buffer the DMSO
> so it will not burn or irritate the skin.  The cattle wormer paste kills
> the fungus."
> "This paste is the safest fungicide to use in conjunction with DMSO
> according to DR. Smith, since it is an oral medication, safe to use
> internally.  NEVER use a harsh or poisonous fungicide like iodine with
> DMSO since the DMSO carries the medication into the body."
> "Clean the area before applying the medication because you do not want
> dirt and outside contaminants carried into the deeper tissues by the
> DMSO.  I had good luck cleaning my mare's lower legs with warm water
> from a well-rinsed dishwashing detergent squeeze bottle, using my
> fingers to remove any dirt that was clinging to the ointment from the
> previous medication.After the area is cleaned with warm water, dry it
> with a towel (you do not want the skin wet) and then apply the mixture.
> I prefer to mix it up fresh each time - just the amount needed -
> stirring it wih my finger in a wide-mouth jar.  If you do not want your
> skin in contact with the DMSO, use rubber gloves to mix and apply it."
> "Mixed with nitrofurazone, DMSO does not burn or irritate like it does
> when used by itself.  But wash your hands immediately after applying the
> mixture if you use your 
> bare fingers!"
> "If applied daily, this mixture clears up scratches much faster than the
> old medications.  Bandaging, even in severe cases is unnecessary and
> actually detrimental.  You do not want to hold the moisture in."
> "With this treatment you can clear up a bad case of scratches even if
> you have to keep riding the horse.  Last summer I had to keep using my
> mare every day for riding range and working cattle and I just washed and
> medicated her legs each day after getting home after the ride.  Even
> though I had to use her hard and travel through mud and bogs, diligent
> use of this medication cleared up her serious skin condition."
> By Heather Smith-Thomas
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