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Re: RC: RE: AERC President - Khruschev??

In a message dated 01/11/2001 11:26:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Honestly, this is the kind of 'job' you have to REALLY REALLY
 want. Maybe some day (like when hell freezes over) but for now
 I'd much rather coach from the sidelines... and ride.

I have to agree with this.  I ran for president some years ago, twice 
actually, but had very little vote of confidence.  I have many "on the 
surface" qualifications for president:  BOD member for 20 years, have ridden 
in several regions, have ridden abroad, have hosted and managed the first FEI 
championship, have been a ride manager for over 25 years, have been every 
officer in AERC except president, and have chaired a few committees.  
However, after seeing the qualifications of recent presidents, Randy in 
particular, there is no way I would seek the office, because I simply could 
not follow that act, and AERC deserves someone who can and will put 100% of 
his/her life into the job (as Randy has).  I'm just getting started back into 
competing, after spending a great deal of time managing rides.  The office 
needs someone who is very confident, very outgoing, very talented and 
knowledgeable.  I'm with Steph, I'd rather be riding!!  And I'm willing to 
continue putting my efforts into the BOD and a committee.
Perhaps someone will run against Jerry, perhaps not.  I think Jerry is very 


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