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Re: RC: Scratches

In a message dated 1/11/01 1:50:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Personally I think there's more than one type. >>

Sheesh, sounds like we really need more research from the veterinary end....  
my vet does say it's a "mixed infection".  I have three horses in TOTALLY 
different circumstances, all of whom battle scratches.  My endurance gelding 
has gotten them twice, both times after some break in the skin.   My 17 year 
old broodmare (on 9 acres of pasture) has had a very stubborn case this 
winter.   My 18 month old colt (one acre turn out, stalled in terrible 
weather) has them now.   These horses are not physically together, but all 
have other horses (uninfected) hanging out with them.

I've talked to the vets, read the magic recipes on the net, asked around.  
I've tried washing twice daily with Betadine, with Hibiclens, with diluted 
bleach.   I've tried clipping and not clipping.   I've used Eqyiss (sp) 
shampoo and spray.  I've used Desitin, Furacin, anti-inflammatories, 
anti-bacterials and several antifungals (clotrimazole, griesafulvin, lamisil, 
etc.).   For the record, I've not tried Teddy's recipe, though I'm game to do 
so.   Bottom line in my experience has been that almost all treatment knocks 
them back.  But when whatever-it-is-that-causes-'em is active, they come back 
or flare up at the drop of a hat.    Then after a bit they go away and become 
a non-problem for a while.   

When they're bad, you can't ignore 'em - the whole lower leg will swell and 
get hot, with crusty oozing sores in the fetlock.   But slopping your bucket 
of soapy water out into the muddy pasture, washing and drying and doctoring 
legs daily gets real old.  Very frustrating.   Love to hear from anyone who 
has any new magic to try  :-)


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