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Re: Scratches


My gelding is boarded in central Maryland, very near the PA line (since
there seem to be regional differences).

The few times I've found evidence of scratches (he has three white
pasterns), I've used a treatment that was recommended by the owner of a
local tack shop.  It's an anti-microbial shampoo called Equitaine.

Suds up the area with straight Equitaine
Let it soak for a few minutes, to soften up the scabs
Scrape off the scabs (this is where it's important to catch the problem
early, before the condition becomes too horribly painful)
Rinse and dry well
Coat with Desitin
If needed, repeat after two days

Equitaine is now carried by KV Vet Supply

I seem to recall reading that, if not caught early, scratches morphs from a
fungal into a bacterial problem  -- and that it needs to be treated
differently depending on the stage of development (think I saw this a few
months back in one of those excellent photo/instructional spreads in Equus).
What's worked for me might not be successful if the scratches has developed
to the point of causing swelling, etc.

BTW, I first used Equitaine when my gelding, each spring, developed rain
rot.  But, since I've been supplementing with SeE, we no longer have that
problem at all.


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