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Re: RC: Horse Anatomy

Carla -

Check out the two Susan Harris videos of the horse with the body paint
and the rider in the skeleton suit.  Each one is about $40 and they're
available in most general-horse-stuff catalogs.  Sorry I don't remember
the name ...

She also has a good book called Horse Gaits, Balance & Movement $25 at
Barnes & Noble.

-Abby B 

robert and carla lawson wrote:
> Does anyone have any idea where I can find a picture of The horses skelatal
> (sp) structure that has the points of gravity along with where the points of
> gravity have moved with rider on board?
> also I need a good picture of two point position. would be most helpful if I
> had a picture of human skelatal structure in sitting upright position on
> horse and two point skelatal structure.
> also how many vertibrae does the arab have???? Which ones are missing?
> VERYYYY LONNNNNG story....trying to explain to Chiropractor(human)...
> I have lost my good book in the move that I had in college..
> Carla (see honey I use that book all the time!)
> Ansata (ummm whats gravity?)
> haley (I know Gravity..or should I say gravity knows me!)
> Rob (this looks interesting!)
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