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whipes, spurs and FEI endurance

  The decision by the fEI to ban the use of whips and spurs
is another instance of how people don't want to be forced to 
exercise any discretion.  As another poster pointed out, the 
existing FEI rules against cruely should have made a specific 
ban on spurs and crops unnecessary... ASSUMING the powers that 
be have the cajones to challenge an rider and stick by their 
guns as to what 'excessive means'.  This means those calling 
the shots need to trust their own judgment, and those competing 
need to accept the judgement of those in charge.  Unfortunately 
many prefer to enforce un-ambiguous rules even if they are 
silly: I can definitively state 'yes you are wearing spurs' 
or 'no you are not wearing spurs'.  Its harder to definitely 
state 'You are using your spurs excessively or injuriously' 
or 'You are using your spurs in an acceptable manner': that 
requires a judgement call, and people just don't like having to 
make them.  I think the most potentially injurious peice of 
equipment a rider uses (an probably the most often abused) is a 
bit.  Will  that be the next ban?

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