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moving from CO to ID

Hi everyone!
I am moving from Ft Collins, CO to Boise, ID on the 31st of this month.  I am moving, among other things, 3 horses, 4 dogs, and 2 cats. We plan on stopping somewhere around Ogden UT for the night, so does anyone know of a place I can keep the horses for the night in Ogden?  I have some relatives there that I can stay with.  Or if anyone has any other suggestions on a good stopping place about 1/2 way, then please let me know!!!  Also, for all of you that live in or near Boise, I am looking for a place to rent that allows animals.  I already found a place to keep the horses.  I will be flying up there on Friday and staying for the weekend to hopefully find a place to live. 
Thanks ahead of time!!!
Betsy, Majah, Babe, and Angie

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