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Re: RC: FEI Stuff

In setting rules for our local endurance organisation, the question of whips and spurs came up. We have rides that are 50-75% stallions. The solution we came up with was to allow whips and spurs, but to disqualify any riders whose horses showed welts or blood...remember we can't blame it on tree branches in the desert. This puts a serious burden on the vets and stewards, who hopefully can cope. At our first ride, we had one disqualification for a bleeding mouth. So far so good. It's not an easy call and we have more than our fair share of numbskulls.
who is going to be just watching the first "FEI" ride of the season the day after flying back from NY...can you say "jetlag"?

On Mon, 08 January 2001, Rides 2 Far wrote:

> >So, if the motivation of the FEI in passing the addition of >whips to
> the "spurs are prohibited" rule was because of the >excessive use of the
> whip at the finish line 
> So, spurs are required in dressage, whips are allowed in jumping, and
> there's no way anyone (unless riding alongside another rider) could
> witness more excessive use of the whip than in the average Thoroughbred
> race so what's the big deal? I think it's our distance that's the
> variable here. Goodness knows the chances of career or life threatening
> injuries are FAR greater for a horse running a mile around a racetrack,
> but when there are even some people who ride 50 miles on a regular basis
> who have trouble imagining riding a horse 100 miles you're bound to have
> trouble convincing the public, or even non-endurance horsemen it's O.K. 
> They'll be looking pretty hard trying to figure out why these horses do
> it. So many morons to educate.... 
> Angie  
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