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Re: Pacific Coast Rides

There is a three day ride at Pt.Reyes but it isn't endurance.  It is the 'Bridge to Bridge' ride and it is a 'fun' ride.  
I'm not sure if they are putting it on this year
.. does anyone know?

Pt.Reyes does have a great horsecamp..Steward's...and a few 
boarding facilities....5 Brooks and Steward's, in case you
want to drop off the horse and b&b it.
They have very clear trail guides and many, many horsegroups 
come here during the year to camp and ride.

Anyone who wants a 'tour' please do contact me and I am more then happy to meet them
at Steward's camp and give them a coast ride tour.  As
long as your horse is trained and you know trail manners
my friends and I out here are more than happy to show
you around.

We did a 'short' ride on Sat., starting from 5 Brooks to Wildcat
Camp on the coast..approx 8.5 miles round trip, a couple nice climbs where the cliffs and oceans are inview.  Many trails
are single track and equestrian / hiker only.  We pass through 
many types of microclimates...fir trees and fog, redwoods and ferns, coastal shrub...and chances are meeting bobcat, deer, elk,
coyote are very high.  This time of year the hawks are migrating
so you see them in the clearings above you and hear them
through the trees of the forests.  The weather was in the cool
60's and the air was sweet and clean.  It is truly worth the
trip out......

Safe & Happy riding to all,
Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab)
(I hope this message wraps..I never received any
clear cut answers on how to get it to wrap....)

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