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Re: RC: FEI Stuff

This was a case of criminally bad riding. The horse wasn't trained and the rider had an evil rusty bit and was sawing on the reins. We've pulled horses who had holes being worn in their backs and girths by bad fitting tack....we are talking meat here. And last spring I personally drove up to a rider whose horse had welts on his rump and a bleeding girth and took away the whip and the saddle, leaving him to walk the horse home. We are getting less of this sort of thing every ride as some of our clueless wonders start to catch on. These are people who can't read or's a serious education job. At least 90% of our riders now are quite capable of carrying crops without using them. But I sat and watched a video from Dubai of the 99 WEC and a good number of the riders were using crops vigourously as they came to the finish line. For myself, that's the LAST place I'd use one. If my horse isn't happy enough to come tearing in, I have no business winning.


> I'm curious. How bad? I've seen a horse with slight bleeding in the
> corner of his mouth, and there were matching wounds on the rider's hands.
> This was a very good horse in the North American Championships. The horse
> was determined to go all out and the rider was determined not to let him.
> If these were slight wounds and not something really bad, would the rider
> have been given the option to continue in say...a hackamore? Lots of
> people tell the story of when Lawton Johnston's horse developed a saddle
> sore and he simply took the girth off and finished the ride without one.
> So...what sort of wound would get a rider pulled?  
> Angie 
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