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Boz saddles

I too found the stirrups on the Boz saddles I owned hung too far forward to 
allow me to get into a balanced position easily and without a lot of muscular 
effort (by balanced I am referring to the ear, shoulder, hip and ankle of the 
rider being in a classical vertical line).  The biggest draw back beyond that 
was how wide they are in the "twist,"  making them uncomfortable (for me) to 
ride for long periods of time.  I had one horse they seemed to work on re: 
back comfort, but I also had others that didn't do at all well in them and I 
bought a variety of his detachable pads, so I could adjust, experiement, etc. 
to try to "get it right."  Biggest frustration was how difficult I found it 
to talk to him about problems I was having.  It seemed he was more interested 
in making me wrong (if I protested, I was challenged to "come ride against me 
and we'll see who's the best").  I  never really felt he got that I wasn't as 
concerned with being "the best," as I was with feeling comfortable and having 
the saddle(s) fit my horses.  Finally gave up and sold both of them. 

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