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Boz saddles

Well, all I can say is either love 'em or you hate 'em.
My husband bought one and the horse he bought it for hated the
saddle.  For the first time after a ride poor Red was sore in
the back.  (this was the first time the horse ever finished a
ride with a sore back!!!)  Needless to say the saddle never went
back on Red.

What we found were teh stirrups were too far forward.  Neither
Mike nor I could get in balance with any horse we put the saddle
on.  I personall found teh saddle way too uncomfortable to ride
in period as it pushed my thighs apart at an awkward angle.
Mike tried several times to talk to Boz to try and fix the
stirrups problem but, could never get a solution.....he finally
ended up moving the stirrups himself, about 4 inches back which
has helped tremendously in getting in balalnce with any horse he
uses it on and he has worked at changing padding at times to get
it to fit different horses...from taking off the pads it comes
with and just using fuzzy pads to using hospital felt pads of
different thicknesses.

I also have a friend who had one for her daughter and she loved
it as it go figure.  I would highly recommend trying
one first before buying one.

June and Mike

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