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Biltmore Volunteers and Crews

James & GiniAgnew

I am finally writing after hearing and feeling (and knowing) all the
"hoop-la" that went on at Biltmore with FEI and parking ...etc....

I just have ONE important message within all of this...that is the
support of volunteers (who get paid NOTHING) and CREW ( that may not get
more than a beer and a steak).

I had volunteered "our" *Super Crew* to "work" the ride and they were
stuck at the arrival gate from 7:00 a.m to 1: a.m NEXT DAY!   They were
offered a lunch....that is it.  WE paid their meal ticket the night
before!  THEN....I hear some complaining about somebodies "Mother in
law?" at the arrival gate?  Excuse me....?  this is MY crew!  HELPING

To ALL the Volunteers...BRAVO!  You can NOT fire a volunteer!  WE are
HAPPY to have you!

We were lucky to have Michelle and Jenny from FL, as well as good friends, 
Ashley Schrader, Blake Cooke, David Elrod  and the other good friends that
 lend a helping hand!  THANK YOU!!!! 

Our *Super Crew* (aka: Bryan and Brooke)   will be OURS next
time...sorry ride management!

James and Gini

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