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Biltmore Volunteers and Crews

> stuck at the arrival gate from 7:00 a.m to 1: a.m NEXT DAY!   
THEN....I hear some complaining about somebodies "Mother in
> law?" at the arrival gate?  Excuse me....? took me wrong. The more I think I'm going to stop posting the
more I have to post. :-P I actually bragged on the arrival timers, said
they never backed anything up; really smooth and efficient. What I meant
by the "mother in law" comment was that we always have to remind
ourselves that the workers are often friends and relatives of management
who have been drafted for the day...and I felt bad that I had acted rude
to them when I'd left out their gate.  Please tell them that I thought
the arrival gate was very efficient and that it's always nice to see
somebody has hung around to greet you when you come in at 1AM.  I was the
one that asked them if they knew the Hallelujah chorus. :-)

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